Things I wish we had in Dickinson

As Dickinson grows, there are more and more things I wish we had here. This is my list, feel free to add to it if you like!

  • Target
  • An ice cream parlor (as much as I love Dairy Barn, soft-serve and hard ice cream are two different beasts)
  • A candy store that makes their own delicious chocolates
  • A fancy bakery that doesn’t use Baker Boy, but makes their own things from scratch. This should include but not be limited to: bread, cakes, cookies, cupcakes…
  • A place to get a decent, moderately priced bikini wax
  • A Greek restaurant
  • A sushi restaurant
  • Best Buy
  • A “pet” groomer that does cats (I have a cat who struggles when we try to trim his claws)
  • Different bars – not necessarily increase the amount, but most of the bars in town fall under the “dive” category – and don’t get me wrong, I love a good dive bar.
  • An Irish pub that serves Irish food and has Strongbow on tap, along with Guinness and Harp
  • A beer bar – the kind with lots on tap and lots more in bottles from all around the world!
  • A 24-hour chain coffee shop up near the mall – I love the local coffee shops here, but it’d be nice to have one open when I get off work at 9:30 p.m.!
  • A moderately priced clothing store for 20- and 30- something professional women. If one of the existing stores started carrying this stuff, I’d be happy. The stores here seem to cater more to teenagers, the mommy set or the grandma set. The rest of us need clothes, too! and even mommies and grandmas need cute, professional clothes for work…
  • An up-scale grocery store
  • A bigger farmer’s market
  • Safeway (or other Safeway-owned grocery store)
  • Noodles & Co.
  • Jimmy John’s
  • Nine West
  • Macy’s
  • A produce-and-deli market… the type of place the specialized in FRESH
  • A decent place to buy women’s athletic gear – the girls need to be strapped in when I run!
  • A book store
  • A music store
  • Ulta or Sephora or both – women live here, too!
  • A brow bar
  • Dentists that actually take new patients
  • A dermatologist
  • An oncology department

I’m sure there’s more, but if you have wish list of businesses and other that you would like to add to Dickinson, let me know in the comments! Or, better yet, contact me at kgrandstrand(at) or 701.456.1206 and ask about starting your own Areavoices blog.

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  2. Affordable housing so the servers and dishwashers in the Greek restaurant and the 24 hour coffee shop could afford to live in Dickinson.

  3. Good luck on your wish list. From what I am reading in your local newspaper, the townspeople are so narrow-minded and oblivious to the outside world, you won’t be getting any of the above mentioned improvements to your dank little town of Dickinson.

  4. We don’t need any of those things mebtioned above. What is wrong with what we have? You just learn to live without, we did. Dickinson is NOT a big metro area.

  5. Yes, having those places would be nice, but who are you going to find to work at those places???? When everyone can go and make more money in oil.

  6. I feel we need family entertainment. Like a “Boondocks”. I have been to one in Colorado and it was fun for everyone in the family. It has a indoor out door grill for dinning, miniature golf, bumper boats, go karts, laser tag, kiddie cove, archade..etc. I know there is a GREAT need for things to do in Dickinson. Dickinson may not think this would be a worthy cause because we have bowling, movies and the rec center, but from the many I have heard from, families and people want something else to do. The comminity is growning by leaps and bounds. It doesn’t have to be a Boondocks by any means but the public wants more family entertainment to choose from.

  7. first of all dickinson residents that have lived here all their lives like dickinson the way it is for the most part. we like our own little world and we are not dank or narrow minded. if people who move here for the oil field or wother work dont like it they can leave. and we do not need a strip club wth.

  8. Clinics that have doctors that really care about their patients and want to help them get better. (I have a certified Medical Assistance Degree and cant even find a job in Dickinson working in a clinic. Would love to be in the same town as my husband but can’t risk loosing what I have in my job in the Twin Cities).

  9. How about we get a red lobster, texas roadhouse, olive garden, and a johnny corinos for resturants. Applebees, Sandfords, and El Sombrero are starting to get old for the only places to eat at. We are a growing community and there are alot more people then what there used to be so why not add more eating establishments instead of just businesses and housing? These main three places are busy all the time and a person has to wait for than 30 minutes at a time to just get seated.

  10. I am a long time resident of Dickinson. Many people of Dickinson have always gone to Bismarck to shop – especially clothing because Dickinson has never had enough good variety of stores in Dickinson. This existed before the oil boom. We DEFINITLY NEED MORE RETAIL STORES. As I understand big box stores have done market research in the area but the lack of labor is keeping them out. The business is here, but not enough people to work in the stores. ALSO, WE DEFINITELY NEED MORE GROCERY STORES. It is very frustrating to all of us. I hope it improves. I agree with you on all of your suggestions above. We only have one department store – JC Penny store sucks.

  11. Jamie, where are you from that you know about Fred Meyer? I am from the Pacific Northwest and loved my Freddie’s. The ultimate one stop shopping, before Super Walmart or Super Target. I would love a Dutch Brothers Coffee….

  12. I totally agree with everything you have listed–and I get really really tired of hearing people say, “I’ve lived in Dickinson my whole life and I like it how it is, and if you don’t, then leave…” as if the “locals” are the only ones who have valid opinions. I grew up in Beulah, ND–coal country. My parents moved in to town when I was a baby to make honest, hard-working livings at the power plants, and I experienced the “outsider” prejudice that seems to run rampant out here in western ND. And I absolutely refuse to feel hostility towards the people who are moving here to make honest, hard-working livings in the oil fields. Those people have just as much right to be here as the “born and breds.” And if the born and breds don’t like it, might I suggest THEY leave? The fact is, this town is growing–like it or not. How about making sure that growth benefits ALL of us (with perks like a Jimmy Johns–that tops my list!) by embracing some of the change that’s going to accompany this growth??

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